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LED Tube - Πλεονεκτήματα LED Tube - Πλεονεκτήματα



  • Technological Advances -
    The advancing pace in Solid State LED’s is rapid.
    Future product development will transform electric lighting forever. 
    LED tube lights save around 70% of the energy used for fluorescent lights!
    The initial cost is recoverable in just the energy cost savings within 2 years!

  • Cost Savings -
    A 1200mm LED Tube light uses 16w of power
    A regular 1200mm tube light uses 48w of power
    A 1200mm LED tube light saves over 32w
    Energy savings are up to EUR,24 per annum at today's energy costs
    Additionally, they last up to 5 times as long, which saves in labour costs and scheduled maintenance
    Over the life of the tube, it would save over EUR,200 
    And energy costs are still rising rapidly… Of course, every installation is different. We always analyse your savings specifically.

  • Additional Advantages
    In the workplace, directional light is better
    60% of light from a Fluorescent Tube light goes into roof space or onto walls!
    The Daylight white light from LED’s can help prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 
    Much better for people who suffer from fits, and can have adverse reactions to fluorescent lighting

  • Solutions For Your Requirements
    Ledison Lighting will specify the best energy saving combination of lighting for your installation.
    Whilst we focus on LED Tube Lights, we provide a full complement of lighting solutions to reduce your energy requirements with minimum cost and disruption.

  • Technical Considerations 
    Switch on instantly, so sensors can be fitted for even greater savings
    LUX and relative performance increases with height, due to LED’s directional light beam consistency
    Highly stable operating voltage from 65v to 240v AC
    50% aluminium heat-dissipating construction, for longevity of LED’s
    Inserting LED tubes into fluorescent fittings will require slight Modification. 
    Assembled mechanically for consistent reliability
    CE standards and RoHS safety compliant
    Manufactured in a high quality ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant factory
    Complaint with EMC tests to EN55105, FCC standards
    High temperature soldering emplayed (230°C - 265°C) for guaranteed stability and longevity

  • Recap 
    LED Lighting
    Contains no mercury – safer to use, simpler to dispose
    Saves an extra 60% energy over “energy saving” tubes
    Reduces your carbon footprint 
    Lasts 5 times as long for lower maintenance costs
    Less heat generated, and no UV in the light beam
    Incredibly bright, white, flicker-free light helps prevent SAD and epileptic fits
    The directional beam means light goes where you need it
    Switch on instantly, so sensors can be fitted for even greater savings 
    Pays for itself in as little as 2 years, from energy savings alone